QR Code payments to hit $2.7T value by 2025

Over the years, QR code payments have witnessed impressive but fragmented global growth, with significant transaction value differences between the regions. Their ability to combine payments and loyalty makes them ideal for retailers seeking to leverage valuable transactional data, while their low-cost nature is expected to drive growth in the years to come. According to…

Tikitag – your very own RFID kit


RFID – or radio frequency identification – is a technology that allows identification and tracking of things. A small tag is placed on an object, and a reader can then recognise that tag as unique. For a while it’s been used by businesses for stock control, or by zoologists to track animals, but now a company called Tikitag is selling an RFID kit that you can use at home.

The Tikitag starter kit contains an RFID reader, which attaches to your PC via USB, and ten sticky tags which you can attach to things. The things, when placed on the reader, can then trigger certain actions on your PC. Examples include opening a specific web page or a software application.