Spotify coming to US next week, cheaper than in Europe?

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They’ve teased US music fans for years with promises of bringing their music streaming service over the pond, but all things are now pointing towards an American launch for Spotify as soon as next week.

With three of the four major US labels signed up (and execs hovering around Warner Music Group with an inky pen and a contract like ants to a picnic), as well as a ton of indies, it’s nearly all systems go for the Swedish maestros.

But what of pricing Stateside? TechCrunch have caught wind of a sign-up flow that suggests US users will get the millions of tracks for cheaper than in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Currently, to use the Premium mobile service in the UK it costs £9.99 a month, with the Unlimited Desktop version costing £4.99 a month. In the US, the Premium version will cost $9.99 and the Unlimited version $4.99, which when converted to pounds equals out to something close to £5.99 for Premium and £2.99 for Unlimited.

The leak also suggested that an ad-funded free service, limited to a set number of track plays and hours a month, will also launch in the US, much like what is currently available to new users in the rest of the world.

Spotify denied the pricing leak with a statement that read: “No details are set for the pricing or details of our US service yet – we’re still testing a number of different options. We’ll be sure to let you know when we have something to announce.”

However these figures sound very believable, and when the time comes will likely mirror Spotify’s official numbers. It is thought that Spotify are now delaying the launch only to wait for the massive Facebook partnership that was rumoured earlier this year.

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