PlayStation 4 for 2012 release, complete with full-body motion control?

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ps3-kinect.jpgWork on Sony’s PlayStation 4 games console is definitely underway; it’s been a good 6 years since the release of the PS3 and we’ve already had Sony’s Masaru Kato let slip that Sony are now factoring in PS4 developments into their financial forecasts. But a new report suggests that we could be seeing the next-gen console far sooner than anticipated, with some rather unexpected bells and whistles.

DigiTimes are reporting that component makers at Foxconn and Pegatron Technology have been greenlit to make 20 million PS4 consoles in time for a 2012 release date. It admittedly seems a little far fetched – no PS4 news has officially been announced, let alone the possibility of a brand new console launch within the next 18 months, but that’s the word from the usually-reliable DigiTimes.

If true, the PS3 (with its purported 10 year life cycle) would be supported alongside the PS4 console by Sony.

However, this release date rumour may not even be the most startling news of all. It’s also being reported that the PS4 will feature full-body motion control technology, much like rival Microsoft’s Kinect unit.

A Kinect rip-off would be an admission of the relative failure of the PS3’s Move controller, which failed to innovate in quite the same way that the Kinect did by completely removing a hand-held controller from the gaming equation.

Via: Kotaku

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