VIDEO: Russell Brand is the face of HP's TouchPad in new adverts

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So, you’ve spent millions of dollars developing a tablet device whose target audience will predominantly be business and enterprise users. You’re just a matter of weeks away from its launch and it’s time to turn the marketing machine into “overdrive” mode. So who would be your first choice to be the face of this new tablet?

What’s that you say? How about RUSSELL BRAND???

We’re not quite sure of the thinking behind this either, but the eccentric wild-haired comedian is the celebrity of choice for HP’s TouchPad advert campaign.

While we’ve nothing against the British funnyman, Katy Perry’s squeeze certainly wouldn’t be top of our list as someone to sell a tech device to business users. A rib-tickler he may be, but he doesn’t exactly have a track record that screams reliability and professionalism, what with his well-documented drug problems and the infamous “Sachsgate” scandal.

Check the series of short adverts collected in the video above. It’s all a bit awkward; Brand seems as bemused by the technical jargon he’s been asked to spout as we are about his appointment here.

Gerald Lynch
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