LulzSec "spokesperson" Topiary arrested in Shetland Islands raid

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lulzsec-logo.jpgA 19 year old from the Shetland Islands has been arrested in a raid by the Metropolitan Police, believed to be a “spokesperson” for the hacking collectives LulzSec and Anonymous.

It is thought that the teen arrested is the member of the groups known as “Topiary”, a leading figure in the scene whose high-profile hacking victims have included Sony’s PlayStation Network and The Sun website.

“The man arrested is believed to be linked to an ongoing international investigation in to the criminal activity of the so-called “hacktivist” groups Anonymous and LulzSec, and uses the online nickname “Topiary” which is presented as the spokesperson for the groups,” reads a Scotland Yard statement,

“Today’s operation is linked to PCeU’s [Police Central e-Crime Unit] ongoing investigation into network intrusions and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against a number of international business and intelligence agencies by what is believed to be the same hacking group.”

Heading over to Topiary’s Twitter profile sees the hack-supporter’s bio read a: “simple prankster turned swank garden hedge. Worked with Anonymous, LulzSec, and other such paragons of intense cyber victory. You are free.”

The last tweet from the account prior to Wednesday’s arrest came on July 21st, and simply read “You can’t arrest an idea”.

Via: Guardian

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