Twitter reveal their own photo-sharing feature

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Thumbnail image for twitter-logo.jpgTwitter have announced that they will be launching their own photo-sharing service, allowing users to upload photos to the micro-blogging network without having to first sign up for a third party app.

Speaking at the D9 conference in California, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced that Twitter’s photo-sharing feature “will remove the friction from adding photos to tweets.”

A partnership with photo-hosting specialists Photobucket, the service will be headed to tablet and smartphone applications, as well as the standard Twitter web page.

The news will be a massive blow to the likes of Twitpic and yFrog, wh oi have built entire businesses around the fact that Twitter didn’t initially offer this functionality themselves. Twitpic have alreay enraged their users in recent weeks by announcing that changes to the Twitpic user agreement now allow the service to sell uploaded images on to news agenices. Twitter’s Costolo has stressed that any images uploaded using the new official service will belong solely to the individual who posted them.

While third-party Twitter photo-sharing apps are quaking in their boots, Facebook are unlikely to be too fussed by Twitter’s latest move; Costolo has also stressed that this new service does not aim to compete with the Facebook Photo Album feature, but instead only to attach images to a single tweet.

The news follows rumours that Apple are to include deeper Twitter integration into their forthcoming iOS 5 mobile software.

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