VIDEO: Windows 8 for tablets and touchscreens caught on camera

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Microsoft have revealed an explanatory video of their forthcoming Windows 8 operating system, just a week after Steve Ballmer let slip the OS was on its way, and then hastily denied by the company.

With a focus just as much on touch control as keyboard and mouse navigation, Windows 8 (currently a codename) looks to ape much of the design of the Windows Phone 7 OS.

A “scalable” OS, a tile-based UI works alongside the more traditional Windows format, with web-connected and web-powered HTML5 apps allowing swipeable, snappable, re-sizeable Windows 8 apps already looking quite polished even at this relatively early stage.

Compatible with laptops, keyboard-and-mouse-PC, touchscreen all-in-ones and tablets alike, Windows 8 is expected to launch early in 2012.

Hit the video above to give it a look.

Gerald Lynch
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