Twitter to be integrated into iOS 5?

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apple-twitter-logo.jpgApple’s next piece of mobile softwrae, iOS 5, may make it easier than ever for people to share images via the micro-blogging network Twitter. Rumours are flying around the web today that Twitter integration will be a key part of the new menu system developed for the OS.

Multiple sources have told TechCrunch that a “Send to Twitter” function will now be an option within image viewing galleries, similar to the “Send to YouTube” function for videos already present in iOS.

With Twitter said to be planning their own photo-sharing service to rival Twitpic and Yfrog, it seems Apple have jumped onboard the Twitter wagon at just the right moment.

All the iOS rumours floating around at the moment will likely be cleared up at next weel’s WWDC conference, where Apple are also expected to launch their cloud-streaming music service too.

Gerald Lynch
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