Speedo Aquacoach: computer watch that counts your strokes and laps


Speedo Aquacoach.jpg Want to work out how far or how well you are swimming? Until recently you had to remember how many lengths you’d swum and how long it took just to be able to get this basic information.

But if, like me, your mind wanders when you swim, trying to recall how many lengths you have done is tricky – let alone how many strokes per length, which is the usual measurement of swimming efficiency.

Thankfully, there are now swimming gadgets which will do this for you. Swimovate introduced an automated swimming watch over a year ago. Now Speedo has followed suit with its own neat looking watch.

Dubbed the Speedo Aquacoach, it automatically tracks lengths, distance, speed, calories burned as well as the number of strokes per length. Unlike earlier models it works, we understand, by detecting a break in stroke pattern when you turn around in the pool – hence it isn’t designed for open water swimmers (they would probably require a watch with a built in GPS).

It can also automatically detect how many times your hand enters the water during a length in order to calculate the number of strokes you make per length – the lower, the better. It will work with all strokes: front crawl, backstroke, breastroke and, even, butterfly.

Due out in July it will retail for £99 or 130 Euros. But Facebook users can win one here: http://www.facebook.com/speedo?sk=app_170464336338914


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