LulzSec deny The Sun newspaper hack

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lulzsec-logo.jpgNews International publications including The Sun’s online presence and The Times are reportedly the latest targets for hackers following the recent wave of attacks on major web destinations.

Initially, the attacks were being attributed to LulzSec, the hacking collective whose recent high-profile attacks have seen them garner lots of media coverage. It was thought that they were responding to the coverage of the arrest of Ryan Cleary on June 22nd, one of their number who has since been charged with 5 offences, accused of DDoS on SOCA, the BPI and IFPI.

However, LulzSec have taken to their Twitter account to deny involvement.

“Clearing up yet more failed attempts at framing: we didn’t attack The Sun or The Times in any way with any kind of DDoS attack. Cheers,” reads the tweet on the LulzSec account.

Seemingly becoming increasingly frustrated with the media coverage following their actions, a later tweet read: “A shout-out to all the real journalists on the Internet; writing to give people the real facts, not writing to meet the evening deadline.”

LulzSec have recently claimed responsibility for attacks on the NHS, Sony Entertainment and Nintendo.

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One thought on “LulzSec deny The Sun newspaper hack

  • I found an interesting blog post by one of the world’s leading web hosts showing that Ryan Cleary is not a “hacktivist”. He infiltrated Anonymous, and used its resources for solving his personal vendettas against other websites and communities.

    I think you should definitely include this in your story. There are also some chat logs on this blog post, showing how destructive this kid was.

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