Rocketfish RocketBoost Wireless Audio tech: 5.1 surround without the trip wires

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r_Rocketfish HD Audio Starter Kit.jpgIf you ask people the one issue, other than finances, that holds most folks back from purchasing a 5.1 home cinema set, the answer you’ll usually hear back is that the lengthy wiring needed for the rear speakers is unsightly and troublesome to feed around a living room. 5.1 speaker sales may be set to sky-rocket then thanks to RocketFish, whose new RocketBoost Wireless Audio tech offers a solution to the 5.1 trip-wire-cabling-conundrum.

Kicking off with a RF-RBKIT HD Audio starter kit (consisting of a wireless sender and an amplified receiver), the sender will hook up to your home cinema receiver using the speaker outputs, while the receiver is placed at the back of your listening space, connecting to your rear speakers. The audio is then sent from the wireless sender to the rear receiver without needing to have the rear speakers hooked up directly to your home cinema reciever.

While it’s not truly wireless (as both the sender and reciever require your speaker cables to be fed into them) it does mean that you don’t have to run the wiring around the walls, instead hiding it all with the sender beside the rear audio outputs, or down the back of the sofa in the case of many home cinema set ups. As the wireless units work on their own private network and intelligently pick a frequency free of interference in the surrounding space, playback is stutter-free. Also, as the unit is completely universal, it should work alongside any 5.1 system you own, regardless of brand.

If you want to later on expand to a 7.1 system, it’s then simply a matter of adding another RF-RBAUX sender/reciever unit, or the same unit to hook up an auido source such as a PC speaker set wirelessly. Should your regular stereo speakers require an amp too there’s the RF-RBREC amplified reciever variant, while RocketFish have also put together their own speaker set, the RF-RBWS02 Wireless Speaker kit, which is suitable for outdoor use.

As you can see, scalability is a key advantage with the gear, allowing you to expand the wireless sources and control them independently as your audio set-up around the house grows too. All in, you can send up to five sources of audio to nine different Rocketboost receivers without any drop in audio quality, including HD Blu-ray tracks in Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio.

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