PSN Lulzsec hackers strike at Nintendo too

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nintendo-characters.jpgSony have had an awful month’s worth of falling foul to the crafty work of hackers, with the PS3’s PSN going offline for what felt an age, the Sony BMG sites attacked and the Sony Pictures Entertainment site being compromised just last week.

Now the gang of hackers who claimed resposibility for the later Sony breach have struck again, this time at Super Mario’s digs at Nintendo. The hacking group Lulzsec hit a server for Nintendo’s U.S website, but claim no malice was intended this time around.

“We just got a config file and made it clear that we didn’t mean any harm,” the group said this morning through its Twitter account. “Nintendo had already fixed it anyway. <3 them!"

Considering they’d breached another high-profile target’s security, it’s interesting that Lulzsec didn’t leave a mark at Nintendo. It appears that, rather than an attack for posterity’s sake, the Sony hacks were truly in protest of the GeoHotz hacking fiasco, in turn a response to Sony’s about turn on the “Other OS” feature that allowed the PS3 to boot a fresh Linux-based operating system. This feature was uncerimoniously removed after Sony found users were exploiting it to play retro games and, in some cases, pirate PS3 titles.

Outside of gaming-related hacks, Lulzsec have also previously targeted PBS, defacing their page following a negative piece on Wikileaks.

Gerald Lynch
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