Moshi Monsters kiddy social network hits 50 million users

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Moshi Monsters, the UK based social network aimed at kids that takes many a visual cue from Nintendo’s Pokemon series, has hit a landmark 50 million registered users. The figure means that now 1 in 2 UK children aged between 6-12 own a Moshi Monster account, with 1 new sign up every second from over 150 nations across the globe.

Letting kids interact and play online in safe, colourful environment, Moshi Monsters lets kids care and nurture for their own little online monster pet.

“We’re thrilled to see Moshi Monsters experience such rapid growth across the globe” said Michael Acton Smith, CEO and founder of Mind Candy.

“We’ve hit 50 million users and have even more ambitious plans ahead. Our vision is to build the largest entertainment brand in the world for this new digital generation of kids.”

“Thrilled” is probably an understatement from the Mind Candy CEO; in 2008 the company was near bankrupt, but the exponential growth Moshi Monsters is now expereincing has seen the brand expand into other lucrative areas such as toys, books, trading cards and video games. As such, Moshi Monsters and its related products is now expected to generate over £60 million in 2011.

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  • Moshi Monsters is great Education games . Kids not only get great games but they can learn how to solve problem , enjoy playing games and also learn how to draw something . like a poppet and diavlo

    I love this games

  • This game is irresistible for any kid who’s into virtual games. Mind Candy really did great for creating this educational and fun game for kids. I let my kid play moshi monsters because the puzzles in this game enhances her mind. She loves the cute little Poppet and took care of her like a real house pet!

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