BREAKING: O2 network down in London [UPDATED]

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o2_logo_3.jpgO2’s mobile phone network appears to be down again in London for the second time in a month.

Twitter is ablaze with users struggling to get reception with the network.

“Been with #o2 for over 9 years and never had an issue. But these last 6 months have been beyond a joke. Not even 3 are this bad!,” said disgrunteled Twitter user @NJRandom.

Echoing those sentiments was @Cinndderellla: “I would like to inform stupid #o2 that when my contract ends i will move to another network! Not happy with them.”

It’s not just Londoners affected this time however; users from the areas of Peterfield, Essex, York and parts of the North East too are experiencing problems.

Earlier in the month, the O2 network went down in London following a break in by thieves and vandals at one of the company’s East London voice, text and 3G data sites. Valuable equipment was stolen, and while O2 managed to get the network back up and running relatively quickly, for security reasons users initially had to be left in the dark as to the nature of the outage and how long it would last for.

We’ve reached out to O2 for some info as to what’s caused the problem and will post any updates as soon as we get them here.


O2 have just released this statement:

At 10 o’clock this morning we identified a connectivity issue on our network which is affecting both 2G and 3G service in parts of East London, North London, Kent and East Sussex.

Customers in these areas may be experiencing difficulty in making or receiving mobile calls, texts or using data.

Our engineers are working to identify the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

We apologise to those customers affected and will be updating progress regularly.

Still no direct confirmation on what’s casuing the “connectivity issue” then, but at least it’s quickly getting sorted. We’ll keep you posted with further developments as they arrive.


Word in that all the problems have been fixed now. Crisis averted!

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