APP OF THE DAY: Google Maps 5.3 (Android)

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I’m sure you’re all familiar with Google Maps by now, the desktop and mobile app that lets you plan journeys and check out maps of almost every location the world has to offer.

Though it’s been knocking around for some years now, it once again makes the App of the Day slot today thanks to a ream of clever new updates from Google.

The Android version of the application now includes a Location History feature, tracking where you’ve been, the distance travelled to get there and how long you stayed. It’s sure to get the tin-foil-hat-wearing paranoid types into a spin over how much information Google can grab just from our mobiles, but it’s an opt-in-opt out function either way, and is presented so nicely with a dashboard that you’re bound to at least give it a quick whirl.

You can tag locations too now, as well as setting your home location, which will automatically tell selected palsthat you’ve arrived safely – great if you’re looking a little worse for wear before a lonely journey home on a night out.

The update is available from the Android Market, and is compatible with all Android OS 1.6+ devices that can use Latitude too.

(Android apps are reviewed using a HTC Desire HD – grab one here from Three)

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