Sony extends Blu-ray range with Skype-enabled BDP-S780 player

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sony-BDP-S780.jpegHome cinema fans are in for treat today, as Sony have announced the launch of not one, but three new pieces of kit to turn your living room into a multiplex.

First up is the Skype-enabled BDP-S780 Blu-ray player. Compatible with any webcam, you can plug one into the player and have fullscreen video chats with your pals from in the living room. The Blu-ray player is also fully 3D compatible, converting 2D content to 3D, while built in BRAVIA Internet services give access to YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm and more. There will also be a smartphone app to let you control the device from your mobile.

The new player is flanked by two new 2.1 speaker systems, the BDV-EF200 and BDV-L600. Each comes with S-Force PRO 3D virtual surround sound, IP Noise Reduction technology and two HDMI ports. They too come with BRAVIA Internet access, as well as an iPod/iPhone dock for playing back music and videos, all again able to be controlled by a smartphone app. The differentiator between the two is positioning options, with the BDV-L600 able to be placed in variety of horizontal, vertical or wall-mounted positions.

No news on pricing or availabilty yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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