Windows Phone 7 Marketplace passes 10,000 apps milestone

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Windows Phone 7 users can celebrate the fact that their are now well over 10,000 apps available on the Microsoft Marketplace.

10,191 apps are now up for grabs to WP7 users, meaning that the platform has hit the landmark far faster than both Android and iOS operating systems. Microsoft have been processing and approving new software applications at a rate of around 460 a week since passing the 6,000 apps mark back in January.

23% of apps are gaming titles, with the next biggest app category being “Tools”, with 14%. A near-even split between paid, free and trial apps sits on the store, with a 38%, 32% and 30% of apps spread across each price range respectively.

Good figures for Microsoft then. Sure, developers are far more comfortable with the idea of working on apps now after seeing how lucrative they have been on Apple and Google stores, so much of the cultural and mental groundwork has already been down for Microsoft. Still, they’re encouraging figures nonetheless, and show Microsoft have apparently got developers onside this time with the OS.

Gerald Lynch
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