NFC to be absent from iPhone 5?

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Despite leaks and patents aplenty to the contrary, word is trickling in now that the iPhone 5 will NOT feature near-field-communications technology.

NFC smarts, so far used predominantly for contactless-payments, were expected to make it into the next iteration of Apple’s smartphone after it was revealed Apple were looking into ways to integrate NFC functionality into iTunes accounts on mobile devices.

However, The Independent are now stating that in closed meetings with carriers, Apple have now decided to hold back on NFC technology until “a clear standard across the industry” asserts itself.

Though Verifone, the leading provider of NFC retailer terminals, are looking into standardising the wireless technology in their payment spots, it looks like the news has come too late for the iPhone 5. Furthermore, Apple are thought to be working on their own home-grown NFC system, the infrastructure for which would take sometime to organise.

Gerald Lynch
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