Former Pope gets Facebook page to build community ahead of beatification

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Because Facebook isn’t just about sharing information – it creates community, discussion and the sharing of ideas. At least this is how the Vatican sees the social networking site, as it has chosen to set up a Facebook page for former Pope John Paul II.

The former pope will be beatified later this year, on 1st May. Beatification is a blessing from the Vatican, and a crucial step on the way to making the pontiff a saint. The Vatican has already accredited a miracle to John Paul II: The curing of a nun with Parkinson’s Disease.

Pope John Paul II died in 2005 after having been pope for nearly 27 years.

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  • How funny to see you all sitting there is your winter garb!!!
    Can you believe a year ago today I was like a cat on a hot tin roof ready to board the ‘plane!!!
    Cath can’t return – I need to see her tomoz for a cuppa!!!
    And pleeeeze put me on the BOM list if I’m not there already!

  • Its a bit silly really…surely its against all the things the pope represents

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