Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying car (really)

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It’s a dream that’s been a long time coming – the flying car. The credit goes to Terrafugia, a US company, which has created the car called “Transition”.

This is a “roadable aircraft”, according to a company – so less a flying car than a drivable airplane, in fairness. You will need an airstrip to take off, but the wings will get folded up when you land and the engine will motor the wheels instead of the propellers as you whizz down the street.

The cost will be about £120,000 though, so it may be a while before we’re all flying yet.

(Image via the Guardian)

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  • I don’t think this Inspector Gadget flying car is going to sell very well and I don’t like the fact that it flies like a winged airplane, no airbrakes or backing up in the sky and having 5 directions to fly in and you have to go to an airport everytime you want to fly or land diagonally. I’m really picky about how a flying car should be, it needs to fly like a bladed copter like in the Disney movie The Absent Minded Professor and Son of Flubber, meaning it can takeoff and land vertically, go in 6 directions, airbrake and backup in the sky and not have the annoying hassle of going to the airports road runways to fly and land. As for the car plane combo I don’t Carl Dietrich is going have many customers and there are people scared of heights and falling to their death. I prefer self magnet low hovering cars that can hover off road just like in the movie Pinocchio 3000. For more information on my hoverboard and hovercar theories I have a website called for anyone that wants to build hoverboards to read about just don’t forget about the hoverboards or hovercars.

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