Will it, wont it? : iPhone 5 WILL have NFC, says Apple insider

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The iPhone 5 NFC see-saw is rocking back and forth, as rumours surrounding the inclusion of a contactless payment system in the next Apple smartphone gather pace. Contrary to recent news that Apple would not be including NFC in the next-gen Jesus phone, Forbes are now claiming to have spoken to a source who has confirmed the technology’s inclusion.

The Forbes source is an entrepreneur working on an NFC project, who has a pal working at Apple. The Apple employee has confirmed the inclusion of a near field communications system.

It’s all sounding a little bit like Chinese whispers at the moment, but considering the growing NFC infrastructure around the globe, and how many iPhone rivals (including the recently released Nexus S handset) are set to include NFC features, the iPhone 5 may look decidedly last-gen if it touches down without it.

Gerald Lynch
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