Want to avoid App shops? There's an app for that

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A new app from Antenna Software allows owners of iPhones and Android handsets to buy apps without having to go through formal app outlets.

It seems the maker of the app, called Volt, didn’t mean to start a revolution – but just to allow business users to install apps across their user base with minimum fuss. This means distributing and managing branded web apps directly to users, avoiding the App Store.

“With more than 300 million smartphone users worldwide, many are asking, ‘why can’t I find, purchase, and use my apps for work the same way I do my personal apps?'” said Jim Hemmer, president and CEO of Antenna, explaining that Volt’s solution “allows companies to change the game: Not only can they embrace the latest web technologies to build compelling apps, but they can also provide a cohesive and organized structure for provisioning and decommissioning those apps to employees and workgroups”.

Freedom from app stores can be bought at the following app outlets: the Apple App Store and Android Market. Fitting, isn’t it.

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