Snoop Dogg launches new album on MySpace, but is there anyone left to listen?

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snoop-dogg-thumb.jpgLegendary rapper Snoop Dogg has made MySpace his platform of choice with which to launch his new album, Doggumentary. You can listen to the album in full (with expletives cut) by clicking here.

It’s an unusual choice for the Dogg Father however. Where once MySpace was a leading light in bringing new music to the masses, the social networking site’s fortunes have slipped dramatically following the rise of Facebook.

To highlight this trend, ComScore are reporting that MySpace lost as many as 10 million users at the beginning of 2011, dropping from 73 million users to 63 million in the four weeks between January and February.

Despite attempts to re-position the site as an entertainment hub, there seems to be no end in sight for MySpace’s woes. 500 job cuts are expected to be made in the coming weeks, with the entire UK arm of the brand being closed for good.

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