Samsung notebooks do not come with keylogging software after all (false alarm)

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It must have been a rough day for the Samsung PR department when security researcher Mohamed Hassan brought forward allegations of keylogging software coming as standard with certain notebooks.

Hassan claimed to have found the StarLogger keylogger software in factory-fresh Samsung R525 and R540 notebook. The researcher claimed, according to SlashGear, he was told by a Samsung tech support agent: “We just put it there to find out how the computer is being used.”

Said Hassan: “This key logger is completely undetectable and starts up whenever your computer starts up. See everything being typed: emails, messages, documents, web pages, usernames, passwords, and more. StarLogger can email its results at specified intervals to any email address undetected so you don’t even have to be at the computer your[sic] are monitoring to get the information. The screen capture images can also be attached automatically to the emails as well as automatically deleted.”

Samsung has responded by denying the presence of this software, explaining that the result is a false positive due to security app VIPRE mistaking a Slovenian language file folder as StarLogger.

Read Samsung’s response here.

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  • Good key logger look up Project Neptune and make a Keylogger .create it and bring to your gfs computer and run it btw make sure she doesnt have any anti virus on
    if she does the Anti virus will delete the Keylogger

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