RAGE gets comic book prequel ahead of Xbox 360, PS3 and PC launch

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rage-comic.jpgRAGE, perhaps 2011’s mostly highly-anticipated shooter, is to get a comic book prequel this summer to whet the appetite of fans struggling through the long wait for the game’s September release.

Written by Arvid Nelsion, the brains behind Rex Mundi, and penciled by Andrea Mutti (DMZ), the three-issue mini-series will detail the events prior to the game’s opening scenes.

For those not privvy to RAGE’s storyline, it’s set in a post apocalyptic world following Earth’s collision with an asteroid, forcing survivors into underground arks while mutants run rampant on the surface. Think Mad Max with zombies and you’re nearly there.

As for why the game is so high on gamer’s “Most Wanted” lists? It’s the latest game from id Software, the designers of the uber-popular Wolfenstein, DOOM, and QUAKE titles, powered by the insanely graphically detailed id Tech® 5 technology.

The first issue of the comic will launch in the UK and North America on June 22, with the game itself hitting Xbox 360s, PS3s and PCs on 13th and 16th of September in the States and Europe respectively.

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