Mad science Coffee Joulies cool your drink right down (and keeps it warm)

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Dependant on the black stuff to get going in the morning? Me too. Here’s a little something if you are finding it too hard to wait for your coffee to cool down enough for it to be drinkable (or should we say, gulpable): Coffee Joulies.

They are basically stainless steel coffee beans that you put in your drink – the secret is the insides of these metal nuggests, where some fancy material will suck up heat from the liquid and make it cool down three times faster than normal, apparently.

And! Once your drink has reached a certain cool, the clever little ‘thermodynamic heat storage device’ beans will then release back some of the heat, keeping your drink warmer for longer – twice as long as if you did nothing. It’s the Goldilocks of coffee, this.

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