10 bands and artists who use Garageband, and will probably use the iPad 2 app too

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Alongside the iPad 2 launch last night, Apple also revealed a handful of new apps ready to be downloaded alongside the new slate. We’ve written an in-depth guide to the new Garageband app, which you can read by clicking here.

Garageband for iPad has the potential to totally democratise music making. Not only will you not need an expensive PC rig to write hit tracks, as all the hardware and software you’d need can potentially be housed in the $499 tablet, but you need not have any real musical skill either. Smart Instruments, easily allowing novices to lay down pleasing chord progressions with a number of instruments, will allow any iPad 2 owner to become musically creative. Forget bedroom recording, the iPad 2’s mobility will create a whole new wave of street producers.

That’s not to say Garageband is purely for beginners. Here Tech Digest list 10 successful bands and artists who use the program on Macs, and will undoubtedly make the jump to the iPad 2 when on the road too.

Gerald Lynch
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