Cisco launch HD media-friendly Linksys E4200 router

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Thumbnail image for cisco-thumb.JPGCisco are readying the launch of a new broadband router, the Linksys E4200. While routers often aren’t the most exciting gadget in the home, the E4200 has enough media-savvy features to make it the perfect starting point for any HD entertainment streams.

Delivering up to 450Mbps over a 5GHz signal, the E4200 makes use of 3×3 antenna tech to give consistently strong wireless signal values, as well as making use of MIMO technology to use the very walls of your home to boost wireless strength.

4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and 1 Gigabit Ethernet WAN port feature, while the E4200 also intelligently prioritises video and voice traffic to give stutter-free movie playback and VOIP calls.

The video prioritisation looks set to come into its own when paired with the router’s USB port, allowing an external hard-drive to be connected to the E4200, sharing any stored content on board across the entire network as an ad-hoc media centre.

Jens Hofmeister, Director Product Management, at Cisco Consumer said: “There has been a shift in the way people use the internet. It has changed from being a source of information to a portal for entertainment. People want to be connected at all times via their iPads, internet enable TV, Blu-ray players, game consoles and smartphones to stream, store and share vast amounts of media. In response to this, Cisco has drawn on its innovation heritage to equip consumers with the right tools to enjoy a better wireless entertainment experience.”

Due on sale in early April, you’ll be able to pick up the E4200 for £169. Scroll down for some images of the router.

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  • Cisco is inconsistent, they do good, then bad, then bad again, then finally good. Go Citrix!

  • Just picked up one of these units for my home network and all I can say is WOW; what a difference a router makes for a wireless network. The coverage range for this unit is incredible and for the first time ever I have eliminated all dead spots. I have multiple applications running at once including streaming HD and VoIP and it easily handles the full load of bandwidth. The 4 X Gigabit Ethernet and USB are nice features. I seriously recommend this unit to anyone who has a high demand wireless network in the home, you will not be disappointed.

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