Qualcomm Snapdragon processors set to go dual-core

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LG’s Optimus 2X handset and the Motorola Xoom tablet have proved that dual-core processors are undoubtedly the next big trend in mobile tech, and keen to keep the pace are chip developers Qualcomm.

Demoing new chips at a Verizon press conference, Qualcomm have been showcasing thier new dual-core Snapdragon processors, running at 1.2GHz with Adreno 220 graphics.

Capable of playing back HD stereoscopic 3D and streaming it to a TV, as well as physics-based gaming and multi-person video conferencing, the chips will feature a smart single-core switch, allowing users to conserve battery life when they don’t need that extra processing push.

All looking very promising. Expect to see a bit more on this come next month’s Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.

Via: Engadget

Gerald Lynch
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