YouTube trialling skippable ads on premium content

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YouTube are to bring skippable advertisements to their premium videos in a new trial format called TrueView.

The Google-owned VOD site currently features compulsory adverts at the beginning of videos, usually around 30 seconds in length before the main content starts.

TrueView will let you skip adverts after a 5 second countdown, letting you see initially what is being advertised before giving you the option to bypass the advert if it doesn’t interest you. There will also be a choice giving to viewers on certain videos in terms of the types of adverts they will be shown, much like the recently announced new format for SeeSaw.

It’s a smart move; given the prevalance of PVR’sin home and Sky+ boxes, viewers are becoming increasingly angsty over video adverts. Giving online viewers the option to fast forward through adverts too is a long overdue addition to paid-for video content. Targeted advertising is far more important than a bomabrdment of products a viewer doesn’t nessecarily have any interest in.

Gerald Lynch
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One thought on “YouTube trialling skippable ads on premium content

  • User behaviour is evolving and the advertising industry has fallen way behind.

    User behaviour is moving towards automatically filtering out things they don’t want to see, personalising content and opting in to advertising they want to see.

    Everything else is unsolicited and intrusive. Traditional advertising models are dead and those who continue to annoy their users and customers will ultimately lose them.

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