Word Lens: The First Augmented Reality Translator

Augmented reality, iPhone apps

A new app called Word Lens has been trending on twitter today, and after watching the video it is not hard to see why. In fact this may be one of the most useful apps we have seen in a while.

Word Lens uses Augmented reality and optical character recognition beautifully to create a an instant translation app for the iPhone.The app itself is free, although you will need to pay £2.99 for a language pack. You then simply point your phone at any text and watch as it replaces every word with the language of your choice.

I did a quick test of the demo, and although it is not perfect, I was still very impressed. Furthermore, it doesn’t require an internet connection to do any translation, making it perfect for traveling. The only negative is that it only translates to and from English and Spanish for now.

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