Facial recognition coming to Facebook photos

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Facial recognition tech is coming to your Facebook photo uploads, meaning you may never again have to type in your pal’s names in order to tag them in your pictures.

Facebook will be grouping people on your friends list with similar faces together, presenting them in a list when you tag photos so that you merely have to click on the Facebook recognition suggestion to tag the snap.

It’s set to be a gradual roll-out, with 5% of users getting the new feature as of next week. A sensible decision, considering the 100 million+ photos uploaded to the social network every day.

“We wanted to make our photos product not suck,” Facebook’s vice president of product Chris Cox told CNet.

And we’re sure it wont suck, so long as it doesn’t mistake us for the Billy-No-Mates mingers on our friends list.

Gerald Lynch
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One thought on “Facial recognition coming to Facebook photos

  • Their photo products may not end up sucking but they definitely pose a massive danger to privacy. The ability to get recognised unwillingly is quite dangerous and also places way too much information about users into the hands of Facebook who are known to mishandle such information. Its high time people wake up and realise what is happening and start switching to more secure sites such as Mycube and Diaspora who have dedicated themselves to creating secure social networking sites.

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