VIDEO REVIEW: Blue Mikey iPod/iPhone Microphone

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Audio specialists Blue have turned their hand to iPod/iPhone accessories with the launch of the Mikey microphone add on for Apple’s devices.

A stereo mic that can record CD-quality audio, it’s a pricey but essential bit of kit for musicians and sound recording enthusiasts alike.

Anna from Shiny Shiny goes hands-on in the video review above.

Gerald Lynch
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  • also, one of 3 blue LEDs is lighted when mikey is connected, and I don`t see any lights on your mikey…. do you?

  • Are you dumb or what!?
    Can`t you see that Mikey doesn`t work with iPhone 4?
    Its a stereo mic and you get only mono recording on your iPhone 4, what basically means that it captures sound using built in mic, and not mikey, even if it is connected to the iPhone.
    Apple swapped analog inputs with digital on iPhone 4, so there`s no way you can use blue mikey with iPhone 4.
    You better do your homework next time, before you embarrass yourself online like this.

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