WikiLeaks app pulled from App Store

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Now here’s a first for Tech Digest. No sooner did we make the unofficial WikiLeaks app our App Of The Day yesterday, than we wake up this morning to find it removed from the iTunes App Store completely.

After being onsale for no more than three days the app, which collated the WikiLeaks cables old and new as well as pulling in info from the Twitter feed and #wikileaks hashtag has had its status set to “Removed From Sale”.

It makes Apple the latest in a growing list of companies looking to distance themselves from Julian Assange’s whistle-blowing gang. Amazon, Paypal and Mastercard have already made a point of disassociating themselves from WikiLeaks, much to the uproar or the site’s many web followers, some of home have led hacking attacks against the companies in question.

The WikiLeaks app, though unofficial, was still generating cash for the WikiLeaks team, as a large percentage of its £1.19 price tag was offered up as a donation to Assange’s gang.

Gerald Lynch
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