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The inevitable has happened; there is now a WikiLeaks app for the iPhone and iPad. Offering a “continuous news feed regardless of Wikileaks server disruptions”, you’ll be able to keep abreast of all the latest leaks and underhand government shennanigans on the go.

Access to the WikiLeaks Twitter feed and cables new and archived are available.

The dev team list the apps main features as:

•Autoforward to actual mirror
•Full access to WikiLeaks website (including CableGate)
•#wikileaks hashtag and @wikileaks posts in delicious design
•Continuous news feed regardless of Wikileaks server disruptions
•Elegant design formatted for iPhone and iPhone.
•Instant access to old and new Wikileaks documents

You may feel a little peeved at having to pay £1.19 for democractic transparency in iPhone format, but it’s a less bitter pill to swallow when you find out that most of the money goes straight back to WikiLeaks as a donation. And they need all the money they can get, what with all the banks refusing to deal with them.

Grab the app here.

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