Larger autostereoscopic 3D TVs to be Toshiba's stars of CES 2011

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Toshiba are planning on showing off their latest forrays into the world of glasses-free 3D at next month’s CES 2011 trade show in Las Vegas.

Tosh have already showed off 12 and 20 inch screens at the CEATEC show, with throngs of tech-heads queuing to view the autostereoscopic tech.

Now Masaaki Oosumi, Toshiba’s head of digital media, believes it’s time to reveal some larger, more advanced screens.

“It has been three months, I think we should show [TVs] with better technology,” he said. “Next year is the key year to extend development of the technology and extend the screen size.”

Glasses remain an unavoidable necessity of 3D TV, and is one of the technology’s major points of contention. Autostereoscopic, glasses-less 3D therefore remains the Holy Grail of TV tech, but so far efforts have been lacklustre at bes.

Though the Nintendo 3DS impresses due to it’s small screen and easily manouverable, handheld sweet spot, achieving the same effect on a larger screen is very difficult. Here’s hoping Toshiba have cracked it.

Gerald Lynch
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