Ion dual-lens Twin Video camcorder now shipping

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We first saw a mock-up of the Ion dual-lens video shooter back at CES in January. Now nearly a year round we have the real-deal, with the Twin video camcorder ready to be picked up for £129 from IWOOT.

With both a rear and front facing lens, the camera is designed to film both action and the camera user’s reaction, switching between the two video feeds at the push of a button. It’s being billed as perfect for “blogging, interviewing, and creating videos with an easy-to-use, live-editing feature.”

There are a few catches though – while it can be used to record just the single feed like a conventional camcorder, it cant shoot HD video, instead only at a resolution of 640×480. There’s also no built in memory, so you’ll have to provide your own SD/SDHC cards for storage.

Still, there’s going to be a niché market for it for sure, particularly for interviewers and especially adrenalin junkies, as shown in the clip below.

Gerald Lynch
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