Android Google Maps getting 3D makeover

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Google’s mega-popular, uber-useful Maps service is about to get a 3D makeover.

Whilst demoing the Honeycomb Android tablet from Motorola that we showed you earlier today, Google-guy Andy Rubin also gave a sneak peak at what to expect from the next iteration of Google Maps.

Using vector graphics, buildings and elevated terrain will now render in 3D, using meta-data to push maps to your mobile much faster and with a ton of new gesture controls to get the most out of the new perspective. The app now also automtically corrects its positioning dependant on compass orientation.

However, Rubin said it was just Google OS devices enjoying the extra dimension for the time being. “This particular app was written fro Android,” he said. “It runs on tablets, which are unannounced and unreleased, as well as phones – same app.”

The app will land on Android devices in a few days, with Rubin admitting that eventually bringing the 3D style to other platforms would be a “natural extension”.

Via: Tech Crunch

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