VIDEO: Motorola Honeycomb Android tablet demoed


Motorola’s debut tablet effort has taken to the stage at the D: Dive Into Mobile Event. And though it was only yesterday that the Google Nexus S smartphone launch brought with it Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), Google’s Andy Rubin was on hand with Motorola’s slate to showcase the silky skills of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).

The 10-inch Android tablet (possibly the rumoured Stingray) takes advantage of Android 3.0’s big screen optimisation, a failing of earlier Android version’s which Google themselves have admitted resulted in lacklustre tablets.

From the above video, Honeycomb seems therefore to have an interface closer to that of a traditional desktop, with a pop-in taskbar and no visible hardware buttons for navigation.

With a dual-core Nvidia 3D processor, the Motorola tablet is still a fair way off from release, sitting somewhere along the prototype timeline. But with Honeycomb expected to touch down in early 2011, it can’t be that far off.


Gerald Lynch