Apple preparing iPad 2 stockpile?

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An anonymous tipster at the Foxconn manufacturing plant where Apple’s iPads are put together has revealed that the Cupertino kings are looking towards stockpiling huge numbers of next-gen iPads.

Between 400,000 and 600,000 tablets are said to be required by Apple, with a suggested shipping date of February of next year.

While it’s a long way off from confirmation of the iPad 2, it does fit into Apple’s regular year-round hardware revamp timetable, suggestive of an April US retail launch and summer launch for the rest of the world.

Keep in mind the struggle Apple faced earlier this year to meet demand for their first tablet; while that may have meant great PR in terms of “sold out” headlines around the world, it’d come across as just plain careless to not have a steady supply next time around.

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  • Apple seems to be very accessory-happy, doesn’t allow for memory upgrades, forces their customers into using proprietary keyboards and so on so I am wondering if perhaps this is something that Best Buy employees are trained to do only for Apple products

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