Etch A Sketch iPad Case launched, crying out for app tie-in

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Cases, as useful as they undeniably may be at protecting your cherished gadgets, are pretty boring usually. In fact, most of the time they are down-right f’ugly. It’s fitting then, that our favourite iPad case to pop up in a long time takes its inspiration from the same place budding designers and artists first got the bug for drawing and creating their own cool designs.

We’re talking about the Etch-A-Sketch, which has now been turned into a retro-cool iPad case. It doesn’t do much other than look pretty and protect your tablet, leaving gaps for headphones and chargers etc and having a small kickstand on the rear, but we’re smitten. It’s a shame someone didn’t make an official Etch-A-Sketch iPad app to launch alongside it.

Having said all that, I was pretty rubbish at Etch-A-Sketch. Was it just me, or did you have to have a degree in Maths to make anything other than a square? My pictures always used to come out like a cubist’s nightmare.

Still, it looks darn cool. Just don’t try to shake the iPad screen clean. Probably wont do its insides much good.

£29.99 from IWOOT.

Gerald Lynch
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