Virgin Media Tivo-powered PVR interface detailed

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Virgin Media
Virgin Media have released a few pics of the interface for their new Tivo-powered PVR, and very slick it looks indeed.

The connected TV service will bring together video-on-demand catch up content, as well as apps and games.

Shows, music and films can be searched through text input, with each piece of content categorised by actors as well as the usual show, channel and genre parameters.

Options to series-link recordings of entire seasons will also be included, as well as the ability to grab shows that have already aired and been missed.

Cindy Rose, Executive Director of Digital Entertainment at Virgin Media, said: “Virgin Media’s next generation connected TV service, powered by TiVo and combined with our superior broadband, will blow other connected TV products out of the water. It will appeal to anyone and everyone looking for the best of live broadcast TV, catch-up, on-demand and Internet apps and services.”

Scroll down for a sneak peak at the service, and expect to hear more news when it launches in December.

Gerald Lynch
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