The SlingBox PRO-HD Launches


Sling box

We have covered the SlingBox a few times here on Tech Digest, in fact we even named it one of 50 hottest products at CES 2008. Now the SlingBox is back with the SlingBox PRO-HD.

The SlingBox enables you to slinging your HD TV content wherever you want it – overseas, or just upstairs. Making it possible to enjoy your home TV content on your laptop or mobile devices in HD. The PRO-HD works with smartphones though a range of apps including iPhone and Android. In addition with the new Slingbox you can now watch content straight from the browser, without having to download additional applications.

This latest version of the SlingBox, seems to has all the same features as previous versions, with the only major change being the addition of HD.

It is available now for £249.99

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