Star Wars Augmented Reality dog fight app heading to iPhone

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Excuse me for my imminent geek-freak out, but OMFG GET A LOAD OF THIS STAR WARS AUGMENTED REALITY DOG FIGHT APP!!!

Gaming apps flood in by the thousand these days, but this latest effort from THQ has “WIN” written all over it in giant, force fuelled letters.

Combining two of my favourite things in the world, Star Wars and augmented reality, the Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner app takes a key action scene from the original movie and injects it with all kinds of smartphone wizardry.

Using the iPhone camera and accelerometer in tandem, the game overlays squadrons of evil Empire TIE Fighters onto your real world surroundings, tasking you with taking them down using the Millenium Falcon’s laser turrets.

Just picture it folks, TIE Fighters smashing into Big Ben or the Empire State Building with John Williams stirring soundtrack tinkling away in the background. That’s all kinds of awesome.

Keep an eye out for this one on the App Store before the end of the year.

Gerald Lynch
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