Samsung Galaxy 2 fondled and details leaked

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samsung-galaxy-s-iso-apps.jpgSamsung’s Galaxy S Android smartphone (pictured) was one of the best new Android phones we saw this year, and Samsung seem to be looking to capitalise on its popularity by getting a successor to its name out of the door as soon as possible.

Mobile blogger and curse of the NDA Eldar Murtazin looks as though he managed to grab some time with the new handset, tentatively and simply called the Samsung Galaxy 2.

According to Murtazin, it’s packing a dual-core processor with a Super AMOLED display, and is due to touchdown sometime in early 2011. It’s also looking like it will be a straight rebranding of the recently revealed Nexus One successor, the Nexus S, which is also being developed by Samsung.

Of course, until Samsung officially announce anything themselves this remains all speculation, but Murtazin definately has a solid track record when it comes to delivering the details on unreleased mobile software. This is the guy who got a right royal telling off from Nokia after leaking their N8 handset months before release after all.

Via: Boy Genius Report

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