Dell Inspiron Duo netbook/tablet mash-up landing next week?

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What’s better, a netbook or a tablet PC? We’ll let you mull that one over for little while. OK. Mulled? Good. Well, while we don’t have the answer to that question, we can tell you what’s definately better than both: a gadget that combines the functionality of both a full size QWERTY netbook and a touchscreen tablet. Which is why you should be very interested in this intriguing item from Dell, the Inspiron Duo.

On first inspection, the Duo’s design is that of a fairly run-of-the-mill Windows 7-based 10 inch tablet. But look closer and you’ll see the Duo’s unique casing folds out to reveal a hidden QWERTY keyboard.

Sure, there have been twist-and-fold laptop desings in the past, but these have traditionally been unwieldy stylus-based affairs that have weighed a ton. Designed primarily as a tablet, the Duo has the portability of a slate with the typing smarts of a lappy, making it as much about productivity as media consumption.

The dual-core Intel Atom boasting device is expected to be officially launched next week on the 23rd of November, so head back then for more news on this exciting little gadget.

Via: CNet

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