Kogan consumer electronics to take on "rip-off Britain"

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kogan-thumb.jpgNew-kids-on-the–consumer-electronics-block Kogan are preparing to set up shop in the UK, and are looking to take on the extortionate prices of “rip-off Britian” head on.

The company have been doing roaring trade over in Australia, offering prices 20% to 50% lower than the competition by being both manufacturers and retailers.

“UK consumers have been paying rip-off prices for everyday electronic goods and that should not be happening. We are here to shake up the market and transform the face of consumer electronics so customers get a fair deal” said Ruslan Kogan, CEO.

“UK High Street retailers all have a web presence, which is commendable. But why are they charging the same prices online as in store? Is it fair that an online customer should be helping pay for the rent, overheads and other inefficiencies associated with selling through a shop? Selling online is all about efficiency that benefits the customer – the current situation has to change. Kogan is built on the belief that ‘there is always a better way'”.

Kogan are starting their UK invasion with their own branded range of HD TVs and GPS devices. Take a look at what they have on offer by clicking here.

Gerald Lynch
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