RIM to Apple: "You don't need an app for the Web"

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Steve Jobs is sitting smugly in the knowledge that Apple have passed BlackBerry makers RIM in smartphone sales during the last quarter. “I don’t see them catching up to us in the near future!” he gloated recently at an Apple earnings call.

Now it’s time for Research in Motion CEO Jim Balsillie to strike back! Speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit, he was asked what he’d say should Jobs make an appearance at the event. “You finally showed up!” was his response, as much a nod to RIMs long-lasting dominance in the smartphone sector as well as Jobs’ reclusive nature beyond Apple event appearances.

Basille went on to contrast the two companies’ approach to applications. According to the RIM boss, Apple can keep their 300,000 odd iPhone and iPad apps. “You don’t need an app for the Web”, he commented.

Much like Google, RIM are putting their eggs into the mobile web basket, rather than mobile apps. And they’re confident about this stance too – you only need to see their recent side-by-side video comparison of their PlayBook tablet versus the iPad to see that.

Gerald Lynch
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