Myspace to Connect with Facebook: usurped network finally admitting defeat?

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Reports are coming in that MySpace are to add the Facebook Connect button to their pages, a move that would see the once popular friendship site more or less leaving the social networking scene for good.

Once the most popular social network on the net, MySpace over the last year have increasingly repositioned themselves as an entertainment and music destination as oppossed to a place to share photos and messages with pals, going as far as to tell the Telegraph that it “is a not a social network anymore. It is now a social entertainment destination.”

With mass migration from MySpace to Facebook, the site incurred severe financial losses, which owners News Corp belived were not sustainable.

Rumour had it that News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch would pull the plug on MySpace altogether, but if these reports are to be believed, it now looks as though they will allow the massive Facebook third-party add-on to link up with the site, hopefully driving more traffic to their entertainment portal.

With their UK traffic having dwindled to just around 3.3 million compared with Facebook’s 26 million UK users, it seems a wise move if MySpace is to survive in any shape or form, albeit a somewhat humiliating capitulation of sorts.

Gerald Lynch
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