PREVIEW – Hands-on with the iTeufel Radio iPod dock

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Tech Digest played host to the Berlin based audio specialist Teufel today, who were in town to show off their latest iPod dock, the iTeufel Radio.

Available exclusively through Teufel themselves (and passing on the resulting savings to their customers), the iTeufel Radio squeezes in an FM radio tuner and iPod dock into a retro-look speaker system

The 50 watt system (10 watts in each of the stereo speakers and 30 in the base-mounted subwoofer) has sockets for AUX, line in and headphone in addition to the iPhone dock, which sits on top. A number of preset radio stations can be stored, as well as two alarms, backed up by a battery power supply should you experience an electrical outage. Bass subwoofer response can be controlled manually by a dial on the iTeufel Radio’s rear.

The dock, which also charges iPods, comes complete with a remote control that gives full control to your iPod’s catalogue menus, whilst a small display shows FM tuning, track number and volume control.

A suggested price range of between £160 and £180 is expected when the dock hit’s Teufel’s online store sometime in mid-to-late October. It’ll come in four colours too, which are black, white, pink and dark wood. You can view the Teufel store by clicking here.

Scroll down for some more pics of the dock. We’ll have a full review soon so head back for more details then.

Gerald Lynch
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